Dead Station

The Invitation
You've Won!

Oh My! It seems you have a message! Should you answer it is up to you, the ads will play regardless. Not looking? I wonder how long you can keep ignoring the error message to look again. Are you done yet? Oh, goodie! You're opening the message! What does it say? . . . You won? I don't remember you competing, submitting, or doing anything worthwhile. It must be a scam- woa, hold up it says it's from Initum Novum. HOLY – it's signed by Daniel Reed himself! The leader of Nova Corp. had an interest in you? Why? "One Week's stay on the station, full access to resort centers, and limited access through restricted areas"?? "Come learn the inner workings or take a well deserved break after seeing Daniel Reed for an extensive one on one interview"? He wants to interview you?? Wow. Who knew a nobody like you could catch the eye of a man like THAT. Are you going? Of course you are. I'll send your mom a message for you. . . Well dont just stand there you bumbous, get packing!

-sleep mode activated for your self: maintanence, assistence, recolection, tele-communication (or S.M.A.R.T.) device.


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